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Toad Data Point support for MemSQL


Hello. I would like to request Toad Data Point support for the MemSQL database management system. MemSQL uses the MySQL wire protocol, so I am already able to connect to it using the MySQL and MariaDB native and ODBC drivers. (The MariaDB native driver is preferred.) However, there are some limitations.

  1. Functions and stored procedures are not listed in the Object Explorer using any of the drivers.
  2. The statement “DELIMITER //” is required to define functions and stored procedures, which works with the native drivers but returns a syntax error for the ODBC drivers.
  3. GSSAPI authentication works with the MariaDB ODBC driver and plugin that I installed but the native driver complains that it is missing the plugin. The ODBC driver has other limitations (including the error from 2 above), so it’d be nice to be able to include this plugin for the native driver.