Toad data point for sqlmi

Hi All, I'm new to this forum. Just want to check if any else facing same issue like me.
Currently I'm using Toad Data Point Version and connected to SQLMI Server.
I face issue while importing excel file and moreover I'm not able to perform any automation job in SQLMI.

It seems Toad Data Point is not supporting SQLMI.

Hey Jag,

Sounds like you ARE able to make a successful connection to your managed instance, correct?

It would be helpful for all of us if you could explain in detail what "face issue while importing Excel file" really means.
Was there an error message?
What are the steps within the product that led to the "issue"?

Also, need more details on "not able to perform any automation job" please...


Hi Jerep,

Let me know if we can connect in Zoom Call, I can share my screen.