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FIXED TDP 4.3 - Adding support for MariaDB


Hello. I use first Toad for Mysql and now i try Toad Data Point 4.2 for frontend of MariaDB. I use curent MariaDB 10.0.30. For now is everything OK, but i have read on Toad forums that other users experiencing problems from version MariaDB 10.2 to further (SSL connections to MariaDb version 10.2 failing). 

I think that Toad Data Point is great product and is easy to use for amater database administrators like me, and MariaDB is growing database which has more and more users in the world.

My idea and proposal is to adding support for MariaDB in Quest Toad products (Toad Data Point) as it has Mysql.




Toad Data Point 4.3 has been tested and certified for Maria DB 10.2. We are currently working on support for MySQL 8.0 and that will be included in Toad Data Point 5.0