Toad Data Point Trial License Issue

Yesterday my team and I downloaded the trial version of Toad Data Point. We received no email from Toad/Quest containing any license key information. Today when we attempt to launch the application we are prompted to enter in our license keys.

How can we retrieve our trial keys from Toad/Quest? Has anyone else experienced this problem? Can the key be found somewhere in the install files?

I am sorry that this happened to you.

Can you pm me your email address and company name and I can get you a trial key and then find out who your account manager is so they can follow up with you.


Thanks for your quick response Mark! Another colleague was working on the problem and managed to get to a Quest/Toad contact and get us the licenses we needed.

Thanks for offering to help though, much appreciated.

Hi, we have a registered license for Toad Data Point, installed and registered on Windows Server 2012. Yet, it keeps asking to input the license everytime a user logs on and launches toad data point.

is there is a spsecific folder we need to place the License xml file?

Are you using a Citrix setup? Or changing the App Data Dir location?

thanks for the reply , but we got resolved , we had to copy and paste the license.xml file to the

C:\ProgramData\Quest Software


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Are you using a Citrix setup? Or changing the App Data Dir location?

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Installed the trail version of Data Point, and getting prompted for a license key. Please assist?

You don’t have the key entered on the top line. Trial version is the site message. You need to enter the really long key in the key area.