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Toad DP 5.1 - MySQL TLS 1.2 connection

Moving database to a cloud solution which requires SSL and TLS 1.2. From Toad DataPoint, I'm not able to connect when DB is set for TLS 1.2, receiving error:

TLS version used does not meet minimal requirements for this server. Please use a higher TLS version and retry.

When I set the cloud DB to use TLS 1.1 I'm able to connect fine, unfortunately TLS 1.2 is required per our policy.

Have ensured my Windows 10 is set to use TLS 1.2, can't find any information regarding this anywhere. Anyone have a little guidance?

For clarity, this message seems to be coming from your data source server, and not TDP. Is it possible that TLS 1.3 is required? Seems weird, though, that 1.1 secure layer connects fine, but 1.2 does not.

Right, server is set for TLS 1.2. There's no option in Toad Datapoint to select which. My testing with 1.0 and 1.1 being successful is making me feel that TDP is using 1.1 - i.e. the server is replying that the connect attempt is coming with something less than 1.2. So if this is the case, I am wondering how to make TDP use 1.2?