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Which version of TDP supports TLS 1.2?


We have TDP 4.3 version and we have recently upgraded our servers to use TLS 1.2 encryption but that is causing an error on scheduled tasks and they do not execute.

Do we know which version of TDP supports TLS 1.2?

we currently don't have any environment to test it - could you download the newest trial of TDP and try it? There are many changes in between your 4.3 and the current 5.3 :slight_smile:

TLS 1.2 works fine with TDP 5.3 version. I just wanted to confirm if someone else has a similar problem.
One interesting thing though is that we previously used a technical account which had admin rights to trigger the scheduled tasks. In 5.3 that doesn't work unless the TDP license is owned by the technical account (i.e. open TDP with that account and register a license under it).