Toad Edge 2.10 is now available!

Hi everyone,

We are pleased to announce the GA of our new version for Windows and Mac: Toad Edge 2.10.

For all existing customers, Toad Edge 2.10 contains new fixes and enhancements.

Notable additions and changes:

• Official support of:

  • MySQL 8.2
  • MariaDB 11.2
  • PostgreSQL 16
  • EDB 16

• Support for Stored Procedure Cursors - Users now have the ability to view cursor information.

• Users now have the ability to select MariaDB Function Parameter Modes like IN/OUT/INOUT.

• Support for Roles Schema Compare - Users now can compare login/group roles for PostgreSQL and EDB databases within the Schema Compare feature.

• Support for Microsoft Edge Browser - Toad Edge for Windows now supports Microsoft Edge Browser for Sign In/Up purposes.

Release notes:


Toad Edge 2.10 Change Log

Bug Fixes

  • Wrong script generated for JSON datatype with "JSON_VALID" constraint in MariaDB
  • Deploy change script task of CLI fails for "Events" in MySQL
  • EDB Package Functions & Procedures do not load
  • Getting SWT Exception while exporting multiple tables in RedShift
  • CLI snapshot throws ModelLoadException
  • Misleading Unsupported Warning in PostgreSQL/EDB Versions 12.9, 13.9, 14.9