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Toad Edge 2.4.0 now available

Hi everyone,

We are pleased to announce the GA of our new version for Windows and Mac: Toad Edge 2.4.0.

For all existing customers, Toad Edge 2.4.0 contains new fixes and enhancements.

Notable additions and changes:

• Support for backup and restore functions for PostgrSQL, EDB, MariaDB and MySQL
• Support for Locks in PostgreSQL and EDB
• Export improvements
• Performance improvements
• Support of CHECK CONSTRAINT for MySQL 8.0.16 and MariaDB 10.2 on wards

Release notes:


Toad Edge 2.4 change log

Bug Fixes

• Fixed memory leak issues during SQL query execution
• Fixed faulty selection of suggestions when selecting from content assist popup during SELECT queries
• Fixed DROP functionality for TABLESPACE
• Fixed print functionality for Editors
• Wrong diff calculation while comparing SEQUENCE objects


• Added backup and restore functionality for PostgreSQL, EDB, MariaDB and MySQL
• Now session browser row scan be copied to clipboard
• Switch between different databases in PostgreSQL / EDB without creating new connection
• Added support for CHECK CONSTRAINTS in MySQL / MariaDB
• Introduced Lock Manager for PostgreSQL and EDB
• Optimized compare file's deserialization and serialization
• Introduced JDBC parameters like Result Set fetch limit and max rows fetch limit's tuning for the user to control RAM surge when running expensive queries
• Added option to replace NULL value with user customizable text while exporting/importing table in CSV mode
• Added option to export data as XML