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Toad edge freeware license and offline usage

  1. Does Toad Edge Freeware (which becomes after trial expires automaticly according to description ) can be use in commercial usage at all? I am working in corporation and want to install it on server X and develop. If that’s true give me link or resource to the license/description.

  2. If i want to install it on the server which has no internet connection how about with sign in to it every 16 days (which seems to be a must)?

  3. Is there any direct Toad Edge freeware version to be downloaded rather than trial?


Hi, to get free version:

You can use freeware in commercial usage, no problem, please read license agreement.

You have to sign-in at least every 30 days, not 16, after 15 days there is information that you should sign-in.

For work offline, you have to buy special offline licenses, freeware is intended to work online.


Could you give me link to license describing toad edge for commercial use please.

How much is to buy license for offline usage for freeware version?


any feedback?


Hi, there are no freeware offline licenses, just commercial licenses:

If you need offline commercial license, please contact our Sales:

Regarding using freeware product in commercial usage, as i wrote you can use the freeware, but if you need more information and be sure regarding licensing, please contact support: