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Can I still use the old Toad for MySQL?


I could see the latest Toad Edge is a commercial softeware now. I remember previously Toad for MySQL is a freeware and we can use it without paying. Can I still use the old version - Toad for MySQL in our organization? Thanks!


Hi, as Toad for MySQL was released as freeware you still can use it. Toad Edge can be used as freeware too.
Comparison of commercial features is here:

Are there specific features in Toad for MySQL that are not available in Toad Edge, so you can not use Toad Edge as primary tool for MySQL?
Miroslav Stanik


Hi Miroslav,

Thanks for your reply. I thought Toad Edge is a commercial software only, which cannot be used in our organization without paying. This is why I’m still using Toad for MySQL. But now what I’ve understood is, Toad Edge can be also used as a freeware (to be honest, I just got the one line small size words “GET THE LIMITED FREE VERSION” on the page). Now I have another question. Can I use the free version of Toad for MySQL or Toad Edge in our organziation for COMMERCIAL PURPOSE? Or they are only for home/personal use?



There is no limitation for freeware, you can use both also for commercial purposes, but redistribution is forbidden:

(f) Freeware License. If Customer downloads a freeware version of Software from a Provider website, the terms of use of such Software shall be governed by the applicable Freeware definition set forth in the Product Guide (a “Freeware License”). Notwithstanding anything otherwise set forth in this Agreement, Customer understands and agrees that Freeware Licenses are (i) provided “AS IS”, (ii) Provider does not provide warranties or Maintenance Services for Freeware Licenses, and (iii) Freeware Licenses are for internal use only and may not distributed to any third party.

Miroslav Stanik