Toad Edge function doesn't exist

I have two schema Salary & Emp_dtl.

In Schema Salary i have function get_salary_dtl.

Now i am using get_salary_dtl in schema B.
select get_salary_dtl('test');
i am getting error function doesn't exists. Search path is set for schema B with schema A and all grants provided. Same working in Pg admin4.

in toad edge its working if i use like below.

select salary.get_salary_dtl('test');

May i know what is the issue in Toad Edge.

Did a clean exit closed all the Work sheet and connection. After that didn't face the above mentioned issue. But suddenly issue appears, after clean exit issue disappear.

Look like some bug.

I think you've already discovered the answer, but you'll most likely need to qualify the function call with the schema that it resides in...
e.g. SALARY.get_salary_dtl('test')

After enabling Auto commit in Toad Edge i didn't face this issue.