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Compare Schema Error



Since I use Toad Edge version (2.0.2) I’m getting an error while comparing the tables of 2 schemas.

The error I’m getting is;
Error occurred:SELECT command denied to user for table 'user’

I don’t get this error when I do/run the same In a previous version (1.2.1).

Besides that my database doesn’t has a table named ‘user’

I also tried other schemas. But everywhere I get the same error. :disappointed:

Someone any idea why this error pops up. And/Or what can I do about it

Thanks in advance


this error is caused by query to user mysql.table which you don’t have rights to access. For compare to work in current version of toad edge you need to get this access.
This query to user table is a check for another privileges and based on that proper query for compare is generated. We will consider modifying it so that it won’t fail - in 2.0.5 version of Edge, we’ll keep you informed.

Petr Chudanic
Edge dev