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Toad edge very slowly


we are evaluating MySQL-Clients. During the test with toad edge we found a speed-issue. Changing a single Col (alter) in a DB-table, Toad Edge took about 10-15 seconds, while Heidi-SQL and SQLyog did it under 1 second. Is ist our fault or is there really a speed-problem with toad-edge?


No SQL statement including ALTER should take more than about 1 second.


CREATE TABLE statement took 310 msecs (Figure 23)
7 INSERT statements took 1056 msecs (Figure 26)…/using-toad-edge-with-oracle-mysql-cloud-service

Hi,we would like to know:

  • approximately, how many objects are in database(tables, views, …)

  • is database in remote location? (do you know the latency?)

  • what are perforrmance settings for connection? (Connection->Properties->Performance)

Right now there is used only one physical connection to server. We plan to add more sessions for loading data from database.


Miroslav Stanik