Slow editor with F9 for 1st statement only, quick with F5. SQL Recall small

in a brand new installation of TOAD version 16.3.231, I experience the following issue:
when I open a new tab in Editor, the first statement delays about 4-5 seconds.
The statement is the simplest possible eg select 1 from dual.
The second time it executes the same or another statement, no delay.
Pressing F5 does not cause the delay.
Same delay happens when I select the Data tab in Describe Table, before it fetches the data.
I checked the SQL Recall xml file , its only 200 K.
Any ideas?

If you have this option checked, then Toad is making a separate background session to run your SQL. That could be the cause of the delay.

Yes, thank you, this option made a difference.
In the previous installation I had (ver 15.1, different workstation) with the same settings (Execute queries in Threads=checked), there where no delay. Something has changed in this version, or could it be something wrong with my new workstation.

Hi Ikonos,

I don't think anything has changed in Toad that would cause this delay. Maybe the delay has to do with SQLNet.ora/TNSNames.ora settings? Maybe a different Oracle client would be faster? I am just guessing.


You are right! It was a setting in sqlnet.ora. I just have to remember why I set it.
Thanks again for the help.

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You're welcome. Fixing that will probably improve your initial connect time too.

Just curious - what was the setting?

The setting was
I changed it back to
which I think is the default.

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