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Editor/Navigator strange behavior and earlier

I have a package body opened in editor, it has dozen of subprograms.

I scroll through a fairly long function and then use a navigator panel to find out list of parameters for another local procedure in this package(there’s no Intellisense for it).
After I click on a plus icon next to local procedure I’m interested in, my editor window gets scrolled to the beginning of function I was going through.

I’d prefer Editor’s position is not changed.

The same applies to prior versions

This is still an issue in the most current beta.

It should be OK in next beta.

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RE: Editor/Navigator strange behavior and earlier

Reply by drbubo20
This is still an issue in the most current beta.

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Might as well throw this one on, too: The “Previous/Next Navigator Node” behavior has been broken since 12.8 and in the current 12.9 Beta, that is, when using the default shortcuts of Ctrl+PgUp or Ctrl+PgDn, the Navigator highlights the previous or next node, but it “goes nowhere, does nothing”. I really miss this since 12.7 and previous releases for moving around really large scripts and packages…