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Toad editor issue

In Code edit, Select some text and press space bar. System crash and I have to restart it. I'm using TOAD 14.0.75
The workaround is turn off all Code assistant

This is fixed in version 14.1. You can get it here.

I have upgraded to Toad 14.1
Select text and press ctrl +Entered
The issue is still there. System crash and I have to restart it

In your first post, you were talking about select some text and then space bar to erase it. That was definitely a problem in 14.0.

In your 2nd post, you said Select text, then CTRL+Enter. That should run the selected text as SQL.
I haven't heard of any problems with that.

Does it happen no matter what you select? Can you just start Toad, type in something simple like "select * from dual", select it, then CTRL+Enter and Toad freezes?

Can you send me your user files folder so that I can try it with your settings? You can find steps on how to do that, as well as my email address here.