Toad hangs when selecting text in editor

toad hangs in certain situations when selecting text either with the keyboard or the mouse. In the example below if I move the cursor immediate after the "$" character and then hold down shift and either drag left with the mouse or use the left arrow key to select the contents of the string then toad will hang.

select *
from dual
where regexp_like(dummy,'((^|-)[^-]*){5}$')

toad 17.1 x64
windows 10 Education x64

FYI, I cannot reproduce this effect... I'm using 64=bit Toad for Oracle
v. 17.1.717.3711

Any else can reproduce this issue?

See the steps in this thread for enabling freeze detection and sharing the call stack that is generated. Post the call stack you receive here or email it to me at

Also, zip and email your User Files folder. You may omit Connections*.xml from it. Its location is a subfolder of Toad's application data directory which is shown in Options.