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TOAD for DB2 and Subversion control



I am new to the group so please, let me post a question.
I am trying to configure Subversion Control for DB2 database with version control wizard. My repository and working copy are
located on the local machine. At the “Repository Setting” section in “Version Control Folder” window
I enter my existing SVN Project and in “Working Folder” window I enter folder with my project. What ever
I try, I get an info that my working folder do not sems to be OK, then I press YES to initialize and get an error message:

Command InitializeWorkingDirectory#0 gave unexpected error output

I am on Windows 7, Toad for DB2 v5.5 and the latest TORTOISE SVN update

I can normaly use the same repository with TOAD for Oracle



Hello Aci,

I have created an article related to your question in the Toad Newsletter July 2012. Please send a email to and I will send you the article.

Kind Regards



We have added the article to the wiki. You can view it here:…/10877.toad-integration-with-version-control-tools.aspx