Version Control Issues - Procedures, Function, etc.

Version Control Issues - Procedures, Function, etc.


Versio Control in TOAD is really weird (at best!): I got told that the lacking object types will come with the 5.0 drop of Toad for MySQL… I am constantly fighting with Toad for DB/2 to get version control up and running, but ist totally in vain so i almost gave up. The configuration itself is pretty much unexplained, it even depends on from where you are starting (if you configure VC in the options menue you get something different than configuring it from an object browser…) and if you HAVE a working configuration it takes almost ages to put simple small UDF’s under VC.

What i would expect was:

  • configure your Subversion/CVS/whatever version control server and credentials
  • configure your repositories at your server
  • Right click ANY object in the object browser and “put it under Version Control” in a certain project.
  • Toad ought to maintain a object list with objects put under VC, so whenever you ALTER/DROP&CREATE an object from that list it ask you if you want to update your repository. (To ease that up, when creating a skript from an object add “DROP” statements to it ffs! - at least in Toad for DB/2 that functionality need to be LICENSED!)



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Hi Marc,

We are planning to pay more attention\efforts for version control support in the next version of TOAD.
I’ve created CR88457 based on your request.

Thanks for your feedback.
Vlas Titov