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Toad for DB2 feature includes extract?

We are new to TOAD, having only recently acquired the DBA Suite for our DB2 LUW v9.5 database.

I asked my DBA if TOAD could create relationally intact subsets of data from a large database (for instance, to see a developer sized DB extracted from PROD). He wasn’t sure.
I once used a toolset called Princeton SofTech to do this effectively: Move for DB2. However, IBM (Optim) has acquired that tool and it now is embroiled in a huge feature set for a large price.
Since we only need this one capability found there, Optim isn’t an option for us due to licensing.
Does anyone know if TOAD can do this without all the heavy lifting of hand-crafted SQL?



Toad DB2 does not have a completely automatic way to load relationally intact subsets of data, however Toad has many features that make it relatively easy to do.

I would use the export wizard to extract a subset of parent rows to an Excel file. In the wizard you can specify SQL that includes WHERE clauses that can limit the number of key rows to extract. You can do the same for the related child tables. Once you define the export template you can save it and re-use it. You can then tweak the data in your Excel files if needed and then use the Import Wizard to import those rows into your smaller test system. So the use of the Export and Import wizards along with our Automation feature would be what I recommend.