Load records from DB2 to Oracle tables

I was able to connect to DB2 using Toad for Data analyst, but can somebody explain how we can insert the extracted data to an oracle table. We would like this to be automated. I am a newbie, so would like step by step explanations.
Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank You


You will need to use the Export and Import utilities located under the tools menu.

You mention that you have connected to Db2 and have extracted data. I will assume this data is in the form of Excel, csv, or other similar file. (If not you need to use the Export wizard to extract the data).

Once you have the file, go to the Import wizard and follow the wizard through and choose your target table. At the end of the Import choose to save the import instructions to a template. This template can be used in an automation script.

See my Blog posting for details.

In our next release you will be able to export and import all I one step. But that is for the next release…:slight_smile:

Let me know how this works for you.