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Toad for DB2 freeware - db2 client.

Currently using Toad for Db2 freeware version 5.1.0, which has the db2 client built in … wanting to upgrade to latest version 6.2, but it does not have the client built in … is it possible to get this latest version with built in client … ? I’m new to a company that is a db2 shop, all previous developers have left company, no one seems to know where our db2 client is installed.


The latest versions of Toad DB2 do not come with a built-in DB2 client.

You will have to install a DB2 client on your own (versions 9.7.6 or greater).

You should be able to find the IBM DB2 client download site via searching for:

“db2 client downloads”.

Hope that helps.