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Toad for Oracle x64

Have installed Toad for Oracle trial version in May19. Now the license has expired. I would like to continue with the free license (with the minimum functionality).
However when opening Toad, I get a message that the license has expired and I must download a new version before continuing.
Toad closes after this message.
I cannot find any updated version on toadworld.
Pls guide on how to proceed with the free and limited version.


Hi Ashvin,

Are you sure you're running Toad for Oracle Trial/Freeware and not Toad for Oracle 13.1.0? Toad for Oracle 13.1.0 Freeware would have expired, but Toad for Oracle Freeware should be good until April of 2020.

Please feel free to let us know.



You can verify your version from the Help > About menu.

Thanks. I downloaded the and it worked.
I thought there would be an update to the existing installation. But I had to uninstall and then install the new version.