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Toad has expired message - but license is not expired

I am experiencing licensing issues with the new licensing system.

I installed the Developer Edition x64, version, on 2019-09-26.
Last time I used last week, everything was fine.
Today, it won't startup and I get the dreaded "This version of Toad for Oracle has expired. You must download a new version before proceeding".
I can also see on the splash screen : "License will expire in -33 days". Not sure if the "minus" sign here is a bug or is normal behavior.

Weirdly enough, when launched as admin, the app would still launch no problem. Please note that I have been running Toad Freeware on a user-level account for many years now, including this version (

So I head to and I request the download for the trial. This is what I am offered :
Toad for Oracle 2018 – 64-bit Trial (Oct. 18, 2018 / 2018 R2)

I found it odd because 2018 R2 was the one already installed on the machine.

Once launched as admin, the installer shows there's a license already installed on the Product Licensing screen; it is set to expire on 2019-11-27.

Also the Product Selection screen does not allow the selection of the checkbox next to the product, which, I guess, is because it sees the exact same version already installed.

Thanks in advance