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Toad for Oracle 13.1 Freezes


I am using Toad for Oracle 13.1 and it started freezing and even shutting down by itself.

The situation is the following:

  • I installed it on my machine using local admin user
  • Have been using it with a certain windows user for the last 2 weeks without issues
  • Now the company changed to a different windows user

With this new user, Toad is freezing constantly ... What can I do about this?


I think I found the solution so I am posting it here, maybe it will help others ...

I found that some TEMP file directory remained pointing to the old user profile, so he could not use it.

Went to View > Toad Options > General > Temp file directory and used the default one ...

Restarted Toad and looks like it's working normal now ...


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