Toad for Oracle 14.2.104 now available

We are pleased to announce the GA of our new version: Toad for Oracle 14.2.104.

This version, the Toad for Oracle Base Edition, and two additional subscription offerings of Toad for Oracle Professional and Toad for Oracle Professional DB Admin are available for an affordable annual price. To learn more about these subscription offerings you can visit .

For all of our existing customers, Toad for Oracle 14.2.104 contains many new fixes and enhancements (many of which have been suggested by our Toad World members—Thank you all!)

Release Notes:

Download: .

Change Log:

Oracle client version, 12.2.x, or 18.x is recommended for Toad 14.2.

Oracle client version is incompatible with Toad 14.2. This will be fixed in version 15.1. Details here.

The Oracle 19c client works, but it has a memory leaks with LOBs so we don't recommend it. We believe the leak is Oracle's and not Toad's. The 19c server is fine. The problem is only with the client.

Bug Fixes

  • Alter Datafile - Extra SQL given
  • Alter Materialized View - Change partition strategy button enabled, error if clicked.
  • Alter Table - "Loading Constraints" message stuck on statusbar
  • Alter Tablespace - MAXSIZE 32T specified instead of MAXSIZE UNLIMITED
  • Automation Designer - Access Violation when deleting apps
  • Code Analysis - Access Violation if grid is filtered, then window closed and reopened
  • Code Analysis - Old parser version was being used with custom rules
  • Compare Data - Access violation if target connection closed.
  • Compare Multiple Tables - Can't cancel or close window during validation.
  • Compare Multiple Tables - ORA-00972 if CLOB column names nearing 30 chars
  • Connections - Connecting from main toolbar does not allow password entry
  • Connections - Error if connections.XML in use by another copy of Toad.
  • Copy Table Data - Too many prompts when error occurs
  • Create Synonym - Long object names not supported.
  • Create Table - Data conversion error if Extent size blanked out
  • Data Grids - Characters lost in data with line feeds if "fetch as windows, post as unix" set.
  • Data Grids - Corruption in large CLOB values on non-unicode databases.
  • Data Grids - OCI Array Auto/Manual setting is reversed
  • Data Grids - Queries with @ characters were read-only
  • Data Grids - Wrong newline style applied in popup text editor.
  • Data Import - Reconnect option sometimes failing
  • Describe - Error if describing dropped object
  • Editor - "Export all grids to Excel" gives bad error if target file is in use.
  • Editor - Access violation following failed reconnect of background sessions.
  • Editor - Backup occurring even when not changed since last backup
  • Editor - Complex SQL involving XMLTYPE causes ORA- errors due to bad internal SQL
  • Editor - Convert to Ansi Join Syntax not working.
  • Editor - CTRL+Click on constant in package with no body, opening describe window.
  • Editor - CTRL+S in grid sometimes saving editor text instead of exporting dataset.
  • Editor - Desktop including all tabs after restoring workspace
  • Editor - Freeze when debugging triggers
  • Editor - Grid columns too narrow if grid panel hidden
  • Editor - Occasional Access violation when closing all tabs or changing tabs and underlying file updated in OS.
  • Editor - Prompting for VCS login when it should not.
  • Editor - Script execution counts items incorrectly
  • Editor - Send to Query Builder not working.
  • Editor - Shortcuts not following settings in options window
  • Editor - Slow to change connection after loading large script
  • Editor - Taskbar notification when Toad does not have focus and query completes
  • Explain Plan - Create Table/Index, Alter index not supported.
  • Explain Plan - Single Record Viewer gave error if thousand separator is dot
  • Export Dataset - Insert Statement lines too long for SQL*Plus
  • Export Dataset - Missing double-quotes on some table names
  • Export DDL - Reference Partitioned table script errors.
  • Formatter - Option to ensure trailing newline being ignored.
  • Login window - Minor inconsistencies
  • Login window - No validation for custom field names.
  • Login window - TNSPing not working
  • Minor Memory leaks
  • Misc - Blank dock panels after switching from SDI to MDI
  • Misc - Memory leaks in Editor and a few other places
  • Options - Access violation if all Make/Strip code formats are deleted.
  • Options - Left hand side too narrow
  • Options - Online tab hidden if installed with "Restrict Internet" option, prevented access to Toad Improvement Program setting.
  • Rebuild Table - Triggers not included.
  • Reports Manager - Not saving changes.
  • Run Procedure Dialog - Cannot focus disabled or invisible window when ESC pressed.
  • Schema Browser - "Compile" menu items not kept in sync with main "debug" option
  • Schema Browser - Access violation in deps tab if scroll too quickly.
  • Schema Browser - Can't easily paste into RHS data grid
  • Schema Browser - Configure LHS tabs dialog not saving last edit.
  • Schema Browser - Edition scripts missing grants
  • Schema Browser - Error if refreshed, then quickly closed.
  • Schema Browser - Filter icon not updating after setting custom SQL.
  • Schema Browser - Generation of trigger script throwing error if ALL_SOURCE not granted
  • Schema Browser - Not remembering tab order
  • Schema Browser - PL/SQL objects missing column header on left hand side
  • Schema Browser - Some actions and shortcuts didn't work when RHS hidden by F12
  • Schema Browser - Tablespace info missing in LHS after refresh RHS
  • Schema Browser - Treeview mode, losing place after refresh
  • Schema Dropdown - Appearing on wrong monitor.
  • Schema Dropdown - Dropped down into multiple monitors in some cases
  • Session Browser - Splitter position wrong when window opens
  • Tablespaces - Free space info showing 0 for some tablespaces
  • Tablespaces - Space Manager setup incorrectly checking privileges.
  • Team Coding - "Check in all" not enabled
  • Team Coding - Excessive refresh prompts when opening package in editor
  • Team Coding - Not logging into VCS before attempting to compile controlled object
  • Team Coding - Project "Status By" and "Status Type" columns are switched.
  • Team Coding Config - "Cannot focus disable or invisible window" error during validation.
  • Toolbars - Kept reverting to "Fade" animation if Windows was set that way.
  • Trace File Browser - Access violation on some files with Remote Procedure Calls.
  • Undo Advisor - Privileges dialog not showing if DBA role is missing
  • Update downloader - prior update not always cleared from cache
  • utPLSQL - Add Unit Test: Rollback(auto) automatically added
  • utPLSQL - Create Unit Test: "not contain" matcher missing from the list of available matchers
  • utPLSQL - Create Unit Test: Incorrect suite DDL on the default values for "All Tests Setup/Teardown" and "Test Setup/Teardown"
  • utPLSQL - GUI not updating correctly when exceptions enabled and disabled
  • Workspaces - Editor dock layout settings lost after loading workspace


  • Automation Designer - Added option to not scan for variables so ampersands in file path can be ignored
  • Automation Designer - Connections on Apps/Actions can now be changed
  • CLOB Popup Editor - SET NULL is now used to delete CLOB data
  • Compare Data - Added ability to save/reload settings
  • Compare Multiple Tables - Comma delimited list of table names can now be used to filter.
  • Compare Multiple Tables, Compare Data - Lobs can now be optionally compared only by length, which is much faster but not 100% accurate
  • Compare Multiple Tables, Compare Data - Now more efficient comparing LOBs
  • Connections - "No valid Oracle client" message is now more helpful
  • Connections - Toad can now auto-reconnect and continue after disconnect error
  • Schema Browser - Shortcuts can now be configured for common actions.
  • Schema Browser - Work around Oracle error with DBA_JOBS.TOTAL_TIME in 19c
  • Schema Compare - Exclusion file can now exclude Source Only/Target Only/Diffs sections.
  • Sensitive Data Search - Now includes table comments
  • Toolbars - User will be prompted for toolbar reset if toolbars changed since prior version
  • Workspaces - Editors of failed connections are now loaded w/o connection
  • Workspaces - Now includes Quick Filter and active RHS tab of Schema Browser

The change log for Toad version 14.1 is here.