Toad for Oracle now available

We are pleased to announce the GA of our new version: Toad for Oracle

This version adds dark mode! Preview and select from a variety of quality color schemes to match your mood or environment. Checkout our Xpert Plus subscription which offers all the features and functionality of Toad for Oracle Professional DB Admin plus SQL Optimizer. The Toad for Oracle Base Edition, Toad for Oracle Professional, Toad for Oracle Professional DB Admin, and the fantastic Toad for Oracle Xpert Plus are available for an affordable annual price.

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For all of our existing customers, Toad for Oracle contains many new fixes and enhancements. (Many of which have been suggested by our Toad World members—Thank you all!)

Notable additions and changes:

  • Dark mode and additional color schemes
  • Clientless connection to Oracle database
  • Fast Exit to shutdown Toad immediately
  • Full support for XMLTYPE using Oracle client 12.2 or newer
  • Additional support for Oracle 21c features

For additional information on these and other enhancements and performance improvements, view the latest release notes at

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Change Log
Bug Fixes

  • Administer Tablespaces: Wrong query for free space in Pluggable DB
  • Automation Designer: Query iterator not allowing child actions to have different connections
  • Automation Designer: Run with connections not always allowing multiple connections
  • AWR Browser: Not sorting by DBID, not allowing choice of DBID
  • Clipboard errors now handled gracefully (Retry, Save to File, Cancel)
  • Code Insight improvements:
    • Referential Integrity info now queries the DB once for all schemas. It used to do that each time the Code Insight popup was displayed.
    • Referential Integrity query has been rewritten and is now faster
    • Hangs and Access violations from Code Insight should be fixed
  • Compare Schemas: View showing differences when identical
  • Connections: Connection icon sometimes shows disconnected after auto-reconnect
  • Connections: Oracle client incompatibility
  • Copy Data to Another Schema: Number Precision lost if Sci. Not. Checked
  • Data Compare - Rows not matched up on different DB compares when DATE columns in PK
  • Data Grids: CTRL+C not copying multiple rows
  • Data Grids: CTRL+X does not cut it
  • Data Grids: Cached update not working on empty tables
  • Data Grids: Nested table dialog cuts off first character of each row
  • DBMS Output: Stops after ORA-04068
  • Docked panels: Error: "Control dpFrame has no parent window"
  • Editor: CRTL+Click not always finding variable declarations
  • Editor: CTRL+D launching Quick Describe even if configured otherwise
  • Editor: CTRL+PgUp/Down not navigating in package bodies
  • Editor: Code Insight not showing packages in ANSI Join clause
  • Editor: Find dialog was case sensitive even if configured otherwise.
  • Editor: Find highlighting wrong place if Unicode characters present in Editor
  • Editor: Navigation between spec/body fails if parameters have changed
  • Editor: Numeric Bind variables losing precision
  • Editor: Refactor | Find Unused Identifiers has false positives
  • Editor: Script Execution - Wrong line highlighted on error
  • Editor: Query Viewer showing "Unknown" statement type for DDL
  • Editor: Unpinned dock panels are now shown after running a Select or Explain Plan, etc (when there is something to show). You can re-hide the panels with F2.
  • Error Dialog: HTML from error message injects into "copy to clipboard" link on dialog
  • Execute Procedure: "Invalid Field Size" error with cursor output and scientific notation option disabled
  • Explain Plan: ORA-00905 if "PUBLIC" entered as schema
  • Export DDL: Table script errors with virtual columns on 11gR2
  • Export DDL and Alter Table: PCTFREE and PCTUSED not always correct
  • Export DDL: Script for common objects from multiple pluggables getting merged
  • Import Table Data: "DateFromString" and a few other expressions not working
  • Login Window: Not always remembering last connection
  • Quick Describe: If multiple objects found and user cancels, dialog shown anyway
  • Rebuild Multiple Objects: SQL Error when loading LOB Segments
  • Rebuild Table: Script contains unneeded "Alter tablespace coalesce" statement
  • Schema Browser: Not delaying RHS refresh on incremental search
  • Schema Browser: Altering a view in "Favorites" caused SQL error in data tab
  • Schema Browser: RHS Data Tab, Foreign Key Lookup can get "out of memory" error on large tables.
  • Schema Browser: ORA-00904 on data tab for some SYS tables when ROWID cannot be selected
  • Schema Browser: Tables with identity columns not found in Sequence Used By tab
  • Schema Browser: Scheduler Job Run Log not remembering column visibility
  • Session Browser: Kill/Cancel causes invalid sql for parallel processes
  • Session Browser: Parallel Slave filter not working
  • SQL Recall: F8 caused flicker of other dock panels
  • Team Coding: Comments changed after script execution
  • Toad Script Runner: Q-Quotes not working
  • Toad Script Runner: Regular expression error on SQL with substitution variables
  • Trace File Browser: Fallback on line-by-line trace file transfer if File transfer method fails
  • Transactions window:
    • Auto-refresh is stopped if connection lost, then recovered
    • Controls for refresh not in toolbar if window opened too small
    • Column size/position not being remembered
  • UTPLSQL: images missing/wrong
  • UTPLSQL: Execution Time = 0 in some cases
  • Window Menu: Active window missing checkmark if connection color not present
  • Workspaces: Minimized window state not remembered
  • XMLTYPE: Now natively supported by Toad. Toad will no longer rewrite your queries with GetClobVal or XMLSerialize, and you don't have to either!


  • 21c: JSON datatype supported throughout Toad. Note: Oracle fetches JSON as BLOB. Toad can convert it to CLOB or VARCHAR2 (to make the data readable and editable) if you configure it in Options|Schema Browser|Data Tab. You must add the conversion clause yourself in SQL from the Editor if you want to see the JSON data as text.
  • 21c: Blockchain and immutable tables supported
  • 21c: Inmemory clause supported for external partitioned tables
  • 21c: Password Rollover Time supported in profiles
  • 21c: Mandatory profiles supported
  • 21c: Information Lifycycle Management clause supported for indexes
  • 21c: Multivalue indexes supported on indexes of JSON columns
  • Alter MV: Ora-12016 is handled now
  • Connections: Any ALTER SESSION command can now auto-run on new connection
  • Connections: Reconnect menu item is now always available (right-click on connection button)
  • Connections: Toad no longer requires an Oracle client!
  • Create Pluggable Database: Service_name_convert clause now supported
  • Dark Mode! (Go to Options -> Color Schemes)
  • Data Grids: Add CLEAR button to BLOB popup editor
  • DBMS Output: Now has an auto-start option
  • Editor: Load DB Objects dialog now loads faster when java source exists in schema
  • Editor: Substitution Variable Prefix can now be changed
  • Export Dataset: Add Markdown export format
  • Export DDL: Added "Current Edition" option for materialized views
  • Export DDL: Dependency Comments listed for FK constraints if so configured
  • Export Dataset: Select from dual - add option to only alias first row
  • Export Dataset: Changed "String Fields as Strings" default for XLS Instance format
  • Fast Shutdown option (File -> Fast Exit)
  • Login window: Database dropdown now automatically filters partial matches as you type
  • Open/Save dialogs throughout Toad updated to a more modern style.
  • Schema Browser font size is now configurable (Options -> Schema Browser -> LHS)
  • Schema Browser: Refresh MV now remembers last used settings
  • SGA Trace: Added new fields to main display
  • Subscriptions: Enhanced debug logging
  • Transactions Window: Now docked with the Output window, rather than floating
  • UTPLSQL: Now uses normal hint window (tooltips)

The change log for Toad version 15.0 is here

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