Toad for Oracle now available

We are pleased to announce the GA of our new version: Toad for Oracle

This version adds Toad for Oracle Xpert Plus Edition subscription. Xpert Plus offers all the features and functionality of Toad for Oracle Professional DB Admin plus SQL Optimizer. The Toad for Oracle Base Edition, Toad for Oracle Professional, Toad for Oracle Professional DB Admin, and the fantastic new Toad for Oracle Xpert Plus are available for an affordable annual price.

To learn more about these subscription offerings, visit

For all of our existing customers, Toad for Oracle contains many new fixes and enhancements. (Many of which have been suggested by our Toad World members—Thank you all!)

Notable additions and changes:

  • Oracle Database—Oracle 21c tolerant support
  • Data Grid—Cached edit mode
  • Accessibility—Menus and toolbars support screen readers for the visually impaired
  • Compare—Single object compare results include an overview of differences in dependent objects

Release notes:


Toad 15.0 change log

Known Issues (Fixed in Toad 15.1 beta)

  • Incompatible with Oracle Client version
  • Nested Table dialog cuts off first character of VARCHAR2 nested tables

Bug Fixes

  • 64-bit: Access violations due to improper memory references
  • 64-bit: Script execution problems due to improper memory references
  • Administer Tablespaces: SQL error on Files tab on Pluggable RAC
  • Alter Tablespace: Values with decimals for file sizes caused error
  • Auto-Optimize SQL: Access Violation when clicking "Run" button
  • Automation Designer: Connection iterator running child items in wrong order
  • AWR Browser: Date conversion error
  • Compare Data: Differing rows mislabeled (Source/Target)
  • Connection Bar Button Order Dialog: Up/Down buttons sometimes do nothing if "Active Connections Only" is checked.
  • Connections: Access violation if window quickly opened after closing connection
  • Connections: ORA-01460 on Non-Unicode databases from random places in Toad
  • Create Table: Wrong script after renaming LOB column
  • Data Grids: Duplicate Row not obvious that it did something if on last row
  • Data Grids: YDM date order errors on grid edits
  • Data Grids: Check/Uncheck selected columns only working on one column
  • Data Grids: Error on mouse wheel scroll if grid empty
  • Data Grids: Mouse wheel scroll doesn't follow windows settings for number of lines
  • Data Grids: Mouse wheel scrolling lags
  • Data Grids: Navigation problems after memory sorting enabled
  • Data Grid and Schema Browser Tree View: Mouse setting for "Lines per wheel scroll" not observed
  • Data Import Wizard: minor inconsistency with preview window row numbers
  • Docked panels: Access violations after floating a panel
  • Editor: Access violation when clicking "Save"
  • Editor: AutoReplace ignoring additional word chars
  • Editor: AutoReplace not always firing on tab/enter
  • Editor: AutoReplace Text inside quotes and comments being replaced
  • Editor: Bookmarks moving after formatting
  • Editor: Code Insight not showing FK tables if schema name included in SQL
  • Editor: Code Insight referential integrity query improved
  • Editor: Custom Shortcuts not initially mapped correctly
  • Editor: Debugging will not working on Pluggable RAC
  • Editor: Debugging will not working on RAC with direct connection
  • Editor: Leading tabs in SQL causes ORA-errors when running with F9
  • Editor: Not always letting Oracle catch not null constraint violations
  • Editor: Retrieve Trace File after Execution was broken
  • Editor: Save button exports dataset when grid has focus
  • Editor: SciLexer.dll access violation
  • Editor: Synonyms not being highlighted (if saved from Schema Browser)
  • Editor: Toad hangs after "Create or Replace" command cancelled
  • Editor: Upper/Lowercase toolbar buttons enabled when nothing selected
  • External Tools: Access violation on startup if file does not exist
  • Find Dialog: Find button removed. Now you can just use Find Next instead of switching buttons for repeated searches.
  • Health Check: Oracle edition usage unclear on pluggable db
  • Login Window: Add/Edit login record missing Protocol and Instance Name
  • Main form: Dock panel locations reset if closed and reopened
  • Master/Detail browser: Access Violation on sorting
  • Rebuild Table: Script error with Identity columns
  • Recover Documents: Wrong shortcuts in Editor after documents recovered
  • Replace Dialog: First replace should find if not already visible
  • Replace Dialog: Next button relabeled "Find Next", and now it just finds rather than replaces. So you can Find Next, and hit Replace if you decide to replace it.
  • Schema Browser: Access Violation after drop objects, cancel, quickly close SB
  • Schema Browser: Access violation in Table Data tab, detail dataset
  • Schema Browser: Data grid filter incorrectly identified in status bar
  • Schema Browser: Double-click package doesn't follow "Load Spec/Body as Pair" option
  • Schema Browser: Filter/Sort dialog clearing filter name
  • Schema Browser: Hidden RHS, Package spec/body info not displayed in LHS
  • Schema Browser: Identity columns being marked read-only when they should not be
  • Schema Browser: Package navigation inaccurate if Line Feed Style = Unix
  • Schema Browser: Queues with object id greater than 21747483648 not displayed properly
  • Schema Browser: Treeview - can't show/hide user defined types
  • Schema Browser: Treeview mouse wheel scrolling lags
  • Schema Browser: Treeview, RHS hidden - double-click doesn't open alter object windows
  • Session Browser: Active session not changed when form receives focus
  • Single Object Compare: Dependent Objects tree is wrong
  • Single Object Compare: Error loading Dependent Objects tree if target is file
  • Source Control: VCS Config options disabled for non-TC_ADMIN_ROLE users
  • SQL Recall: more/expand toolbar button expands to different monitor
  • Team Coding: Can't run DDL script for no-longer-controlled object
  • Team Coding: objects already in VCS shown as being added again
  • Toad: Slow startup time for users without public internet access
  • Trace File Browser: Error when loading files larger than 2Gb from the database.
  • Trace File Browser: Large trace files with many executions and few parses opening slowly
  • Transaction Window: Preventing ability to cancel scripts
  • Workspaces: Access Violation if Schema Browser was showing Favorites
  • Workspaces: Editor tabs all on one editor if One/Connection enabled
  • Workspaces: Lost work if file not saved but workspace saved
  • Workspaces: Not prompting for password if changed
  • Workspaces: Too many connections when workspace imported from old Toad versions
  • Workspaces: Transaction window was not included


  • Connections: Now marked as disconnected if user answers "no" to PC wakeup/reconnect prompt. This will help Toad close faster.
  • Data Grids: New cached editing mode (Options|Datagrids|Data). Details here
  • Data Grids: BLOB/CLOB columns can now be configured as read-only (but still editable in popups)
  • Data Grids: The column selector widget (the thing in the top left corner) now has a "sorted" checkbox, to easily sort the column listing.
  • Editor Breakpoints: Display a no-nag message when user attempts to place a breakpoint where not supported
  • Editor: Auto Replace - Activation Char option renamed to "Word Boundary Char", added pipe (|) as default value
  • Editor: Resize area next to docked panels has been widened for easier access
  • Find/Replace Dialogs: will now get out of the way if they cover the found text.
  • Menus and Toolbars: Now support screen readers for visually impaired
  • Single Object Compare: Results area now has a tab to compare referenced objects
  • Tolerance of Oracle 21c (Just confirmation that it works with Toad - new 21c features not necessarily supported yet)
  • Trace File Browser: Loading trace files from server is now MUCH faster.
  • Transactions Window: Can now be opened automatically
  • Workspaces: Added ability to delete more than one at a time
  • Workspaces: Include DBMSOuput setting in Editor
  • Workspaces: New option to AutoSave/AutoLoad (Options|General)

The change log for Toad version 14.2 is here.