Toad for Oracle Treeview Index 0 out of bounds

Just installed Toad and am getting the following error when compiling a package from Treeview mode:

The call stack indicates Unit = cxTL; class = TcxTreeListNode; Procedure = GetItem.

Doesn't seem to happen every time. Switching to dropdown view is my work-around. I see this was mentioned as a fix in this version, but thought you should be aware.

Hi Sgrzesik,

Thank you for reporting this. I can reproduce this in 16.0. I'll make sure it's fixed for 16.1.

I'm not sure which bug fix you are referencing, can you give a little more detail on that?


Thanks John.

I saw something similar in the Change Log, Bug Fixes section, under Schema:

Ah. Yeah. That was something different.

Sorry. Never know. Trying to be helpful. Thanks!

I appreciate it. Thanks again for reporting it.