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Toad for Oracle 64 bit running on window 10


I am looking to install toad for oracle 64 bit version to install on windows 10. I am currently running toad for oracle 32 bit version and when i try to install oracle client 32 bit version on windows 10 i am getting this error:

[INS-13001] Environment does not meet minimum requirement, are you sure you want to continue? when i type yes to continue the installation get stuck on 8%

and when I installed oracle client 64 bit my toad can not find my oracle client.

I think if I can install toad 64 bit version my problem should be solved but I can’t file the 64 bit down load any where. Thanks.



you could find all Quest software on their support page (

Choose Download Software and therein choose Toad for Oracle as product. You could download your expected version then.

Remenber, for downloads you must have an account to Quest!




try turning off the firewall system, I guess that might help solve the issue ou are facing.

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