Toad for Oracle Freeware

I have been using Toad for Oracle Freeware Version g for several months. I connect to Oracle Environment This might not be supported or recommended, but it worked for the simple tasks I used it for (mainly quick looks at tables, data, and procedures).

The latest freeware version expired on May 1, 2010.

When I went to download the latest EXE, I was presented with a new version of the freeware, version I installed this version and when I connect I get the following error: “Error initializing Team Coding: Access violation at address 03E174A1 in Module ‘ORA805.dll’. Read of address 00000010.”

Although it connects to the DB, the table names are replaced with Ascii(29) and no data is viewable.

Is the older freeware version still available?
If not, are there other tools that someone can recommend?


Hey Kevin,

It sounds like you’re using an old client. With the latest version of Toad
Freeware being 10.5, you should use a newer client than 9.0. Try upgrading that
to (perhaps) a 10g client or higher, and that may solve your problem.

Note: Just so you know, the Team Coding functionality in the Freeware version of
Toad is limited to CVS and Subversion only (the freely-available version control
providers), and is limited to 3 check-in/check-outs per session. If you’re
using something other than CVS or Subversion, it won’t work with the free
version of Toad.


That error message is coming from Oracle, not Toad. The 805 client is a
particularly bad one, try upgrading at least to v8.0.6, but you’d be best
off with a 9i client.