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Just installed Toad 10.1 and getting access violation on database connect.


Access violation at address 6761D581 in module ‘ORA805.dll’. Read of address 00000010

Any ideas anyone?


This may or may not be what you’re hitting - but cannot know since very little info in this message:

If you download the TRIAL version off the Quest web site and try to use that for upgrading - you will get an access
violation because it will see that you have a key and are trying to use a trial.

The way to upgrade is to be on paid maintenance, and then log in to your account and download the new version from your download area for you account.

Another thought is to see how your Oracle homes are setup. Maybe you deleted or moved your Oracle install client location or somehow damaged some of those files ???

If you can include a support bundle (under help menu) that might help …


You’re using an un-supported Oracle client, upgrade to at least 8.0.6
Oracle client.

If you’re using 9i or 10g database, please upgrade to at least a 9 or 10

That AV came from Oracle, not from Toad.



Actually Quest supports more versions of Oracle than does Oracle. So while we can suggest an 8.06 client, the official Oracle position (there is a chart on metalink) is that 10g and 11g are supported - and in some cases 9i (if you’re an Oracle apps shop that is on a specific hardware platform).

So I would suggest either a or - and if you’re bold (it’s still quite new).