Toad for Oracle on Mac license

Has anyone been able to transfer their Toad for Oracle Windows license to a Mac license? I was told by someone at the Quest booth at CloudWorld that there would no problem transferring the license. After 6 weeks and a few "is anyone there" emails I was told by sales that I would have to buy a new license. I, maybe foolishly, renewed my license for 3 years in August so buying yet another one is a non-starter.


Hi Jeff,
I'm sorry to hear about the confusion. I'd like to learn more about your licenses so that we can discuss this again with your account rep. Please look out for my email. Thanks.

I'm experiencing this issue as well. It seems ridiculous to me that the mac version requires a different license. Is it possible to transfer licenses to the Mac version?

Hi Dave,
It's possible to transfer licenses. I'll send you a private message so that I can obtain your email address to further discuss.

Hi Gita,

Any news on this issue?


Hi Jeff, I'll get you connected with you an account rep regarding transferring your licenses. Please look out for my email.

same problem here. I hope it can be resolved soon.