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Licensing - Transferring Toad License to new machines for users.


As an Oracle DBA, my manager is responsible for Toad Software. We have users who have licenses that we maintain and are moving these users to new windows 10 machines from Windows 7.

Can you confirm this plan does not violate the license agreement?

On PURPLE PC For 30 days we could treat this as an evaluation install, per my read of the license agreement. So we could do the install and test ORACLE connectivity without the real license.

We would need to input the license as the T account, or whatever user account (SA?), when we give the PURPLE PC to the end user. At that time we would need to remove the license from the GREEN PC, as to not have 2 license uses in PRODUCTION at the same time.


What you can do for the PURPLE PC is to get a 30 Trail key and when you are done, just transfer the license from the GREEN PC to the new PURPLE PC. Either open a Service Request with Toad Support or call sales requesting a temp key.

Sales Dept: 1.800 306.9329 opt 2