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Toad for Oracle - Rac edition question?


Hello ,

I just downloaded 12.6 and entered the RAC edition licence, how can I tell if indeed it is the RAC edition via the menu ?

It seems like the normal DBA admin module edition




Help -> About


Indeed I did :slight_smile:

It says expert trial edition with dba module


I think you’re good then. You should be able to do everything in Toad with that. You got some other products bundled with it, right? I think that’s part of what makes up the RAC edition.


OK thx . Why would it be called RAC / exadata edition if I can’t see it ? :slight_smile:


RAC Edition is not the same as Exadata edition. In 12.7, the Exadata edition will get you some extra features when connected to an Exadata DB.

Just to be sure about my first reply, I plugged in a RAC edition license and into my copy of Toad and in my help -> about, it says “Toad DBA Suite for Oracle - RAC Edition”. So you might want to double-check your license with your sales guy. As I said though, Toad-feature-wise, it’s the same. The RAC edition is just a bundle of some other products with Toad. (Like Spotlight for Oracle RAC and I’m not sure what else)


I was sent a RAC edition license and plugged it in ( reads that indeed ) but in the help it still says Xpert edition with DBA admin module as an add-on.

I would need those extra RAC features

Will check with DELL support


ok just got my answer from tech support and the only difference is with the RAC edition is Spotlight with RAC , all else is the same.

Thanks for your help


Reminds me of a FedEx commercial.


ha…indeed we said the same