Toad for SQL: Auto complete does not work with DevExpress Dark Skin

Hi guys!! It is strange but "auto complete" does not work with the skin "DevExpress Dark Style". Do you know if for that skin I must check something else? When I choose another Skin (default, darkroom for example) it works properly.

Sorry, I forgot to tell to you that I am evaluating the Toad for SQL free edition.

As always many thanks in advance !

Hi Jsole,

Thanks for reaching out! As our team will be committed to replicating the issue mentioned on our end, could you please feed us with a video demonstrating this behavior?



I am sorry to mede you spend time. I tried now and works fine. But I can promise you that it didn't before.

The only difference, and for that I can replicate it now, is that last week I migrated from windows 10 to windows 11. Perhaps ins the migration something changes, till now I did not tried it again.

So, please close the issue and I'm really sorry I didn't check it again.

Best Regards,