The autocompletion window disappear


I installed le last version of Toad for SQL Server and when i do CTRL + “.” the autocompletion window disappear :frowning:

I didn’t found a solution on internet :frowning:

any idea ?



Are you using the freeware or a commercial version? The latest commercial version is 6.7. Please try the trial version of 6.7 to see if the problem is fixed.




I am on v but i can uninstall all the soft. When i uninstall and install it again, i still have all my parameters. So i think changing version will not hellp me if i can’t delete thoses parameter.

What do you think ?


The Freeware is on 6.6, the trial on 6.7. Can we get both upgraded to the 6.8, please? 6.6 is way buggy, 6.7 is over a year old and buggy. I've been using the 6.8 beta and while it has some problems, works for what I need.

Also, have you ever considered a paid for "Lite" version? I mainly need the functionality found in the freeware, the only thing missing that I use is labeled "Edit: snippets, predictive typing, syntax highlighting" on your comparison page. I use Toad as a replacement for SSMS for querying (love the group by and counting features in the header and footers) and exporting ad hoc reports. Nothing holds a candle to it, IMO.

However, I cannot justify $655 for the Professional version to my boss, especially when I wouldn't use 90% of its features. But I could justify $150 or so for a version like the Freeware with the editing features.

Did you find a solution Ruse B ?

Nope. The Freeware is still on The trial is up to 6.8 so you might try to use the trial version to see if your problem has been fixed.

I hope the update the Freeware to 6.8 soon.

Hi all,

v6.8 will work fine.

we will plan to upload new Freware version asap.