Toad for SS on Azure

Anyone have any good things to say about connecting and using Toad for SS to an Azure Sql Managed Instance. I know Toad for SS will never be as good as Toad for Oracle, but what an unpleasant surprise just switching from an on-prem SS to Azure Sql Manged Instance.

A number of the features I use almost daily are gone, session browser, schema compare, server objects folder, management folder, even the Agent folder...all gone!

Every other click, I get a stack trace - at least the app hasn't completely crashed...yet.

It doesn't even support Azure MFA - this is serious for us.

Are there plans to adapt to Azure Sql Managed Instance, or should I just move on to another product?

Given moving on is probably the only option, anyone have any good suggestions for a replacement DBA/IDE tool for Azure Sql Managed Instance - I thought Toad would be it, but sadly doesn't seem to be the case.


Hi Ron,
Thanks for posting your concerns. I'd like to provide a few updates about Toad for SQL Server upcoming releases along with the reported issues.

We're currently working towards Toad for SQL Server 7.4.1 release addressing defects that should be available by end of this week.

About your reported issues and future releases:

  1. Support of Azure MFA - This has been logged as Change ID # TSS-1925 and is targeted for our upcoming version - 7.5

  2. Fix of random exception errors - This has been logged as Change ID # TSS-1913 and also targeted for our upcoming version - 7.5

  3. Missing features - We can view Schema Compare option. I suggest trying the Tools | Compare menu option or right-click menu of Object Explore | Databases. Please see if that works out with your Azure instance. In regards to the the rest of the missing features, it has been logged as Change ID # TSS-1763, and our R&D team have been at work for alternative methods of bringing these features back for Azure connections.

Please look for upcoming releases and stay tuned for more updates on SQL Azure connectivity.