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TOAD GDI Objects

TOAD seems to use an enormous number of GDI Objects, it's always top in Task Manager, if I show GDI Objects column in "Details" tab.

Any reason why it's often thousands? Even if I only have a single connection with a blank editor?

GDI leak or perhaps the way you handle glyphs is incorrect? (Perhaps this GDI monitor might help : )

Toad has a pretty big GUI. There are lots of buttons, controls, images everywhere. Users tend to open several connections with several windows in each connection.

I've looked for resource leaks in the past, and have found a fixed a few. But for the most part, if you open and close a window, you end up at the same # of GDIs as when you started. Maybe off by a couple, but if you then repeat the process, it doesn't continue to go up after that.

If you have observed a particular window, action, etc, that causes GDI objects to constantly climb, please let me know and I'll investigate it.