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TOAD GUI operations really slow


GUI Operations in TOAD such as switching tabs, or between windows are reeeeeaaaaaally slow.

You can actually see it rendering the docked layers and then re-positioning them. Why doesn't the TOAD source code lock window updates / repaints during such operations?

If you resize a TOAD window so it is not maximised and drag it around you can see CPU spikes and slow rendering - surely it should be using GPU?

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This is very unusual behavior, and not typical. I would suggest you take this one to Support and see if they can investigate what factors are causing this issue. Hopefully, Support/Dev team members can pitch in here if they've seen this issue with other customers.

So, I recently got "upgraded" from 64-bit Windows 7 Pro to 64-bit Windows 10 Pro. And my perception is that everything is slower, with some programs like Toad much more noticeable. My laptop is a Dell Latitude E5570 with both an Intel 520 and AMD R7 M360 graphics options. I also have two external monitors via DisplayPort in addition to my open laptop for three screens total.

I started troubleshooting using Process Explorer from MS' Sysinternals (web search for the always-free download). The action in Toad that I noticed most was launching an Editor window, so that was my benchmark.

First, I believe that McAfee On-Access Scanner was bogging Toad down and also DisplayFusion, as both of these showed strong on the CPU charts, in addition to "System" stuff (Display Manager, maybe?). After disabling both of those temporarily, the next launch was subjectively faster, but still not how I remembered it under Win7.

Then I checked the graphics options. In "Adjust the appearance and performance of Windows", I chose "Custom", then unchecked the first 9 options, and clicked "OK". In "Graphics settings", under "Classic app", I browsed for "C:\Program Files\Quest Software\Toad for Oracle 13.2 Beta\Toad.exe", then chose "High performance".

THAT seemed to bring back the Toad GUI performance I've been used to for the past 20 years. This is by no means scientific, and YMMV (greatly!). I hope to have more time this week to experiment more, but I'm also hoping others could possibly try messing with this stuff as well.

It's a start, anyway....


I didn't know you could set appearance on a per-application basis!

In my experience, Windows 10 performance is unbearable unless you have a solid-state disk.