Toad v17 is slow

few caveats. been using toad since 1998. I know whats slow and what isnt.

Heres where its slow. Navigating around a screen with cursor. I type but could be 5-6 seconds before what I type arrives on screen.
All other editors on my desktop are fine. PC isnt hanging, this is only in TOAD. I could hold arrow down to scroll a cursor across text but could be 3-4 seconds before cursor moves. Clicking around through packages is fine, navigating through menus is fine.
I have other IDEs, SQL Developer and PLSQL developer on my machine, both dont have this behavior, only TOAD. Developers in house use JS and Datagrip, no issues.
Issue occurs across any instance (I think I have 10 open at the moment)

I had this in last 2 versions, no amount of shutting down or updating TOAD or PC reboots works, behaviour continues. Its not getting any worse but really annoying me now.

Am I missing a button click somewhere? Im applying a boiling frog syndrome to this in that I think its crept up on me and Im now boiling.

Toad isn't supposed to be that slow. But it does have a lot of advanced features that can slow things down.

My guess is that it's code insight. Try unchecking here:

Or it could be these guys:

Or Auto-replace.

If none (or all) of those don't help, let us know.


Thanks John, Ive disabled all those , will see if it resolves.

What is the file version of Toad.exe? Are you on 17.0.341 or 17.0.353? There was a defect in 17.0.341 where the Navigator panel updates are slow, the panel visually scrolls while reloading, and it slows typing. This was corrected in the 17.0.353 patch. If you are using build 341 then grab the patch. It is available from

Ah yeah, I forgot about that one. Thanks Mike.

Im on 17.0.341.1977

Ill try grab the patch and see does that resolve. that visual scroll is what Im experiencing.

Knocking off all the code assist options didnt help

I'm pretty confident that's it then. We almost never release patches, so anytime we do, it's because of some awful bug that slipped through.

just an update on this, I didnt patch but it has resolved itself. I dont know about anyone else, but I usually operate with up to 10 connections and upwards of 10-15 windows(tabs) per connection. I closed down most of these in an effort to see was it some memory issue threshold and that seems to have resolved.

Now Im down to maybe 3-4 connections with 3-4 tabs on each one and latency issues gone. scrolling is back to normal.

thats the only change Ive made.

Is this expected behaviour? is there a threshold of tabs and connections to be open that would case that?

There's no hard limit, but the more windows (we don't call them tabs) you have open, the slower things get. There's not much we can do about that. The patch will help, you really should get it.