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Toad hanging every 30 seconds or so for around 10 seconds or so

My Toad for Oracle hangs every 30 seconds for around 10 seconds.

I tried changing the 'Application data directory" and more importantly "Temp File directory" and deleting the files in those folders....but the issue is not going away and is so Irritating to say the least.

Issue started 1 week back ...not made any change to oracle client installation recently. Connecting to Oracle 12c database Enterprise edition 64 bit RAC database.

Any pointers to resolve this issue would be appreciated ...thanks

If you don't mind resetting Toad to an "out of the box" state, you can probably solve it with Reset User Files (described here).

If you don't want to try that just yet, look in the User Files folder (which is under the Application data directory)....which file is largest and how big is it?

thanks...I will try that.

But a question - Copy user settings - Will that copy the existing passwords as well for all the saved database connections ?

Click the link in my post above...there are directions for copying connections over. Ignore the part about remove/reinstall Oracle client.

Edit: Oops sorry I misread your question. Yes, passwords will be preserved when you copy Connections.XML back after the reset.