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Toad 13.2 hung when opening file

Recently upgrade to Toad 13.2 ( having used Toad 13.0 for many months without issue.

Just had it hang on me after it displayed the Windows Explorer window, while I attempted to open a file in the Editor. No error message, no timer, no warning, nothing, just an inability to click on ANYTHING to get focus.

Had no choice but to end the task in Task Manager and open a new Toad session.

Very frustrating as I have a LOT of work open. If this happens again I'll be reverting to Toad 13.0.

.....even more frustrating, having ended the Toad task and re-started it, no documents were available to recover, so I have now lost my work!!!!


Hi Paul,

Sorry to hear Toad hung and you lost work. Look in your user files folder for files named like "~ebXXXX.tmp" (where the X's can be anything). You can view those with notepad. Those are the editor backup files. Maybe what you were working on is in one of them.

If you can reproduce the hang problem, please send some steps to reproduce it. I see generally what happened from your description above, but I can't reproduce it.


Hi John,

Thanks for the pointer. I was able to recover some files using your suggestion, but not all my work. Still, that is better than nothing.

Not sure why Toad is telling me I can't recover any files when it clearly has a list of TMP files in the User Files folder!

Regarding reproducing the error, I wasn't doing anything that I haven't done all week, so I suspect it will be impossible to re-produce.

If it happens again, is there anything I can do to collect information about the frozen Toad session?


I don't know if this is what happened for you, but sometimes when Toad appears locked like that, there is a modal dialog that is hiding behind Toad (or on a 2nd monitor that is no longer there). I thought we had all of those problems fixed but maybe one is still lingering. Maybe hitting ESC will close it. Or you can move it back to the main monitor as described here: can not access main toad window

If Toad is really hung (not what I described above), windows usually paints it with the "not responding" text.

I'm not really aware of anything you can do to collect data when this happens. All I know to check/do is mentioned above.

Not sure why Toad is telling me I can't recover any files when it clearly has a list of TMP files in the User Files folder!

The ~EditorBackups.txt file is the index to all of those other files (and what Toad uses to determine if there are some recovery files to show you), so maybe that file was not up to date.

I did check my windows using ALT+TAB just in case a modal window was open, but couldn't see anything other than the main Toad window.

If it happens again, I'll try pressing the ESC key as I didn't do that this time.

The hanging problem did happen to me as well soon after installing 13.2 but not the losing work thing. But, it only got hung a couple times early on and has not occurred since.


If the problem is a hidden pop-up, behind other windows then ...

  • Click Toad's icon in the task bar to make sure it is active;
  • Press ALT Space;
  • Press M key;
  • Use arrow keys to move the hidden window out from behind the others.

I had to do that yesterday. With me it was the "connections dropped" window behind the F4 dialogue.


Norm. [TeamT]

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