Toad insight/Code assist - Is there a guide

Is there a good guide to the nuances of code assist/insight ? Can you disable certain things like the spacebar from inserting the selection ? It will drive our users nuts to type a command like select, hit spacebar and have it completely change what they just typed.

Things like count (since they apparently aren’t in the list), start to type count(*), but as you get count( it will be changed to count_table( automatically.

It would be nice to disable all the extra ways of selecting what is in the code assist windows and reduce it to the enter key. If I hit enter then insert the selection for me, otherwise LET ME TYPE!! Sorry I can hear people complaining to me already… and yes, I know you can turn it off, but its almost a really cool feature :slight_smile: Hoping there is a way to make it do what they will expect.