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TOAD installation error


I installed ToadForDB2Freeware_4.0.1.921 before and then I removed it.
Now I am trying to install it again and I am getting the following error.

An error occurred while creating the instance “TOADF40”. The return code is “4294965378”. Create the instance manually using the command “db2icrt”

I installed DB2 V9.7 and I am using Windows7.

Thanks in advance


Hi Steve,

Is your Windows 7 32 or 64 bit, and is DB2 32 or 64 bit?

Also, can you please export the contents of the registry HKLM\Software\IBM\DB2 to a text file and attach the file?



Hi Adam,

My Windows is 64 bit and DB2 is 64 bit as well.

I attached the contents of the registry HKLM\Software\IBM\DB2.

db2.txt (25.9 KB)


Hi Steve,

Toad for DB2 4.0 does not support 64 bit Windows. The latest beta release, 4.7, supports 64-bit.