Toad Intelligence Central iSeries ODBC

I am setting up my ODBC connections for Toad Intelligence Central. I don’t see a “Data source type” of iSeries to connect to my DB2 database on my AS400. How do I connect?


To connect to iSeries with Admin Console you would use the ODBC connection type. If want to publish to Toad Intelligence Centrail from Toad Data Point you would need to define an ODBC DSN using the Operating Systems ODBC Manager. Use the 32-bit manager.

Here is the help topic on this.

Create IBM DB2 iSeries ODBC Connections

Toad allows you to connect to an IBM DB2 iSeries database using ODBC connectivity. Download and install the necessary ODBC driver to use for your DB2 iSeries connection prior to creating the new connection in Toad.

To create a DB2 iSeries ODBC connection

Click on the toolbar (ALT+F+N+O).

Select IBM DB2 iSeries from the Group list box.

Click in the Data Source Name field.

Click Add.

Select an IBM DB2 iSeries ODBC driver from the list, and click Finish.

Specify the configuration properties required for the database in the windows configuration dialog.

Specify the connection properties in the Create New Connection dialog. Review the following for additional information:


Use data source name

Select to display the Data source names.

Do not select this option if you want to display the driver names.

Data source name

Select the driver or data source name you added in the previous steps.


Enter the user name to use when connecting.


Enter the password to use when connecting.

Tip: After connecting, you can set a master password to further secure your connection in Tools | Options| Environment | Security.


Specify the location of the database schema. Click to create a temporary connection and display available schemas in the drop-down list.


Data Source Name

Displays the selected driver or data source name.


Displays the ODBC driver associated with the data source.

Category (Optional) Select an existing category or create a new one. See Set Connection Categories for more information.

Click Connect to connect immediately while saving the connection information. Optionally, click Save to save the connection without connecting.

Tip: Connections are stored in the connections.xml file and can be found by clicking the Application Data Directory link in Help | About.

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