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Toad is not responding when compiling a package



For some hours ago I’ve canceled an DROP INDEX operation. Toad become non responsive, and I had to “kill” it from Windows Task Manager. I started Toad again, and I executed DROP INDEX myIndex FORCE. This worked.

But I have a package containing several procedures related to the table whose index I dropped. Now, when I compile this package, Toad becomes not responsive.

It seems that something has been locked (?). Has anybody some tips?

Thank you in advance.


My guess is that there is a lock in the database. Oracle is waiting on the lock,
and Toad is waiting on Oracle.

Start up another copy of Toad, go to the session browser, Locks tab, and you
should be able to find the session holding the blocking lock.


Or you can go directly to your locked session and check the waits. My guess is
that you will find a library cache pin there because there is another session
running which uses the package you want to recompile.