Toad slow to open package bodies/specs + also to compile them via a script


I’m running with Toad v. (the latest version available in my company, sigh) and whenever I click on a new package spec or body in the schema browser, Toad freezes, even when it’s something I’ve just clicked back onto that I’d already viewed (eg. look at package_a spec - freezes. Once unfrozen and the spec displayed, look at package_a body - freezes. Once unfrozen and the body displayed, go back to package_a spec - it freezes again.

A similar thing happens when I try to compile a package spec and/or body in the editor by running as a script - I just timed compiling a 1368 line package body by running it as a script (using the lightning bolt on top of a piece of paper “Execute as script” button). It took just over 2 minutes to display the “Processing script: Task 1 of 1” message box, and then once the task had run (which took ~3 seconds), another 2.25 minutes for the editor to become responsive.

Checking Task Manager, Toad just sits there using CPU, it doesn’t look like it’s waiting on anti-virus or anything.

It’s as if Toad is doing some checks of the code (syntax, perhaps?), but is doing it somewhat excessively. I can’t find any options that look like it might control this behaviour, and the Toad Assist didn’t highlight anything unusual.

Does anyone know what might be happening and what I can do to stop it? Having to wait over 4 minutes to do a 3 second compilation is somewhat excessive, IMO!