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TOAD not able to laucnh code tester


I’ve recently upgraded my toad suite from 12.9 to 12.10 and I’m unable to laucnh code tester 3.0 from within the TOAD IDE.

Please can you help?

I’ve tried uninstalling the 12.10 version and reiinstalling but to no end - it won’t launch.

i can run the code tester program stand alone so I know it’s correctly installed and able to connect etc, but I want to be able to launch from within TOAD.

Also, on the code tester tab within the schema browser I am unable to see any tests that have been created against an object - is this right? If not is there a setting for this to enable me to see the tests.

I hope you can help with these issues.

Kind regards…


How exactly are you trying to launch Code Tester from within Toad?

Are you sure the objects you are selecting in the SB have CT tests associated with them in the DB?


Thanks for the reply - on the file menu bar there is a button for code tester that is greyed out - how do I activate this?

I thought that this button would be active and allow me to launch code tester?

Maybe I’m wrong, but I’m sure I’ve done it…

I assume you’re referring to the Editor or SB. In both of these places you have to have an object loaded/selected that has tests associated with it in the DB already, then that button will be enabled.

You can also now create new tests from Toad. After you execute PL/SQL, look in the PL/SQL Results tab at the bottom.

Actually, I see what you’re saying. That button in the Editor toolbar doesn’t seem to be getting enabled at all. Luckily there are other ways to launch though