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toad problem

Hello , I installed toad to prove it . The installation okay , but then I can not connect to the db .
sqlnet editoe TNSNAME editor can not be opened from toad . Is this normal?
I have no problems with sql developer .

Hello there,

Unfortunately, we do not have enough information to find out why you can’t connect to your Oracle database.

Toad Data Modeler supports several connection methods for Oracle databases:


  • Native Client Connection - This is probably the connection that you use. It uses Oracle client and reads TNSNames.ORA file to get connection details. By clicking the “” button next to Home text field you will see a list of all found connection to your database.

  • Connection via TCP/IP - This connection method does not need Oracle client, but if it finds one, you will be able to select from available connections in Available Local Net Service Names box. If Oracle client is not found, you can enter the required connection details manually.

  • Connection via ADO - Also uses Oracle client, you can try this option if both Native and TCP/IP connections fail.
    To find out what is your problem, please tell us:

  • what connection method do you use

  • version of your Oracle database

  • when exactly do you receive the error

  • the exact error message

  • which Oracle client do you use



I am using Toad oracle 12.6

I want to connect through TNSNAME but when I go out of session / new CONNECTION not see the tns .

Oh, my bad. It wasn’t clear from the original post that you use Toad for Oracle and also, this is Toad Data Modeler forum.

Please try posting your problem on Toad for Oracle forum. The forum members are more likely to help you.



ok thanks